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Web Security 101

by Genevieve Peterson ….. Securing your computer and your use of the Internet from outside hackers, cybercriminals, identity thieves and other shady characters is a must these days. The sad fact is that most people don’t follow even the most basic security practices, making them a prime target. Here are some basic web security practices that everybody should follow: Log-in Pages Need to Be Encrypted When traveling to websites you haven’t Read More…

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web security tips

Responsive Design Trends for 2015

By Ramya Raju ….. Responsive design is dynamic, meaning it changes in size according to the device viewing it. For websites today, responsive design is a must. Mobile devices will be how most websites will be viewed in the near future. You know how important it is to keep the attention of your regular website users; it becomes more significant in case of users on mobile devices. If your web design is not responsive then you can lose out on today’s Read More…Related Posts6 Simple Tips to Improve SEO Is Server Location still Important? A Cool “Hidden” Feature in Google Analytics

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6 Tweaks to Boost Your Business Site

From the team at ….. WordPress now powers more than 70 millions sites. With the number of plugins growing daily, there are always more ways that you can leverage the capability of WordPress to your advantage. Realizing the full potential of the content management system (CMS) and sorting through the myriad of plugins could take years, but fortunately there are some key features that you can take advantage of to boost your website’s exposure, Read More…Related PostsHow to Make Your WordPress Blog Private Use .htaccess to block access to wp-login.php What is WordPress? A Summary for the Uninitiated

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5 Common Website Design Disasters

By DAN MILL ….. Website design used to be something that was only left to the professionals, but now, it’s more common than ever to see first-time web designers creating and designing their own websites. That’s because most web hosting companies have implemented easy-to-use tools that let even the most novice computer users amongst us to generate professional looking and functioning websites. Unfortunately, that does leave the door wide open for mistakes—even Read More…

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Top Ten Things to Demand from a Great Web Host

By LEIA SOLANKI ….. Storing your website somewhere is like storing your prized vehicle in a public car park. You’ve got your brand new car and you need somewhere to store it. The car park has to be convenient, well run, safe, and with plenty of space, to name a few necessary qualities. With the abundant choices available to today’s web consumer, combined with a growing volume of security threats, choosing the right host is possibly one of the Read More…Related PostsThe Advantages of cPanel Hosting Tips for using WordPress as a Website How to set Horde IMP Webmail to load Mail upon login

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Everything You Want To Know About Responsive Web Design

By DAN MILL ….. What is responsive web design? If you have to ask that question, your website is in trouble. Responsive web design (RWD) is a web design practice meant to help you craft sites that offer the best possible viewing experience – on every device, platform, and browser, no matter what their size. The objective is to minimize the amount of zooming, pinching and scrolling; to present a consistent viewing experience on every Read More…

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How to Change your Display Name in SMF

You can easily change the name that is displayed in your SMF-powered forum or chat room by clicking the “Profile” tab and going to “Modify Profile” >> “Account Settings” You can enter a new display name where it says “Name” (This is the displayed name that people will see). Note it is not possible to change your actual login username without doing a lot of complicated database stuff, but as you can see it’s easy to change your display name. Related PostsHow to add or edit the logo in an SMF Forum 3 Ways to Setup Paid Subscriptions in SMF How to Make your Forum Private

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How to Search for IP Addresses within Piwik’s logs

Piwik is an up-and-coming website traffic stats application that rivals Google Analytics in many ways. One advantage of Piwik is that it displays the user’s IP address which helps track demographics and more. However there is not currently an easy way to filter the stats by IP address. After some trial and error, we discovered a way to list activity for an IP address within the date range of one year. To filter by IP manually within the URL, add Read More…

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How to save new email on the server for a specified time

When using multiple devices to check email, like a phone and laptop, it’s common to each devices email software to leave new messages on the server-side inbox after downloading the email. This way, they can be retrieved by the various devices. Important: You can also specify a time period (like a week or month) for how long to save the messages. This helps keep your server-side inbox from getting overloaded. For Microsoft Outlook: 1. In Outlook, Read More…Related PostsHow to use cPanel’s account filters to stop spam Setting up Email on Android Setting up Email on iPhone

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Protect the WordPress login page from Brute Force attacks

Beginning in 2013 there were widespread attacks on WordPress login pages everywhere. The first step is to block all IP addresses except for whitelisted IPs for reaching the wp-login.php page. This has already been done for all OLI WordPress hosting clients, but if your host hasn’t done this yet, here’s how you can protect your login page using htaccess. But the problem with whitelisting IPs is that your IP number can change… So here’s an additional Read More…Related PostsHow to activate Gravatar in WordPress How to add a link in WordPress How to Install Plugins in WordPress

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