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Use .htaccess to block access to wp-login.php

This is useful in helping stop brute force attacks against WordPress login pages. The .htaccess code below makes it so nobody can access wp-login.php except from your IP: <Files wp-login.php> Order Deny,Allow Deny from All Allow from x.x.x.x </Files> Place it in the .htaccess file of your WordPress install directory and change x.x.x.x to your IP number. You can find out your IP number here. OLI shared hosting clients do not need Read More…

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Now Accepting Guest Blog Posts

The OLI Hosting blog is undergoing an exciting transformation, expanding our authorship to established and up-and-coming bloggers world-wide. We are looking for fresh perspectives and original content on everything technology-related, especially regarding WordPress, Forum and Chat, Website hosting and server-related industries. All content must be absolutely original and written in conversational English. We reserve the right to edit articles, usually Read More…Related Posts7+ Ways to Grow a Strong Online Community What is an Online Community? (and how to start one)

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How to add or edit the logo in an SMF Forum

To add a logo or banner to the header of your forum, click Admin then go to Configuration -> Current Theme and type in the URL where is says Logo image URL. Good dimensions for your logo are 1000 pixels wide (or smaller) and around 100 pixels tall. If you don’t have the image online, you can create an image URL by using a free site like or OLI’s own Web-FTP built into FTP Hosting. Once the image is online, right-click Read More…Related PostsHow to Change your Display Name in SMF Auto-notify Members When Topics are Updated Email all Members in an SMF Forum

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How to activate Gravatar in WordPress

The most widely used avatar system in WordPress is Gravatar. It gives you a custom image next to your posts and comments. To set this up, first in your dashboard go to Settings >> Discussion and there you can select to use Gravatar for your avatars. Then get a free account at and be sure to use the same email you have in your blog. Then upload your image to Gravatar. Then your Gravatar picture will show next to posts Read More…Related PostsWhat is WordPress? A Summary for the Uninitiated How to display related posts on your WordPress blog Our favorite anti-spam tool for WordPress

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3 Ways to Setup Paid Subscriptions in SMF

There are a few ways to set up a subscription-based forum using simple machines. 1. SMF 2.x comes with a Paid Subscriptions feature. It uses PayPal for transactions, which is relatively universal and familiar to most people. Everything is automatic, such as signups and renewals, but when a subscription is canceled either you or the member also needs to mark it cancelled within PayPal. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, it is easy to create Read More…Related PostsHow to Change the Name of Your SMF Forum Comparing SMF and phpBB Forum Software How to get email notifications for new posts in SMF

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How to Make your Forum Private

There are a couple ways you can restrict access to unregistered guests in SMF 2.x. One way is to require admin-approval for any new membership registrations. You can also select to have the forum admin notified when a user registers and the new registrant can only login to the forum after the admin approves their membership. The other (even more private) method is to disable users from registering so only allow the admin can register new members. These Read More…Related PostsThe Price of “Free Forums” How to make a member a moderator of a category in SMF How to setup Membergroups in SMF

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How to make a member an Administrator or Global Moderator in SMF

In Simple Machines Forums, you can make a member an Administrator or Global Moderator by changing the member’s “Membergroup.” Go to the top Members area, and click on the member’s name which takes you to their profile, and under “Modify Profile” click “Account Settings” and you can select their “Primary Membergroup” to be Administrator (with all admin rights), or Global Moderator etc. Tip: You can customize permissions for the Global Moderator in Read More…Related PostsHow to Stop Spam-bot Registrations on SMF Forum Hosting – as popular as ever Nice way to drive traffic to your forum, chat or blog

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How to fix the error when upgrading SMF to 1.1.16

Many Simple Machines users have reported an error trying to upgrade SMF from 1.1.15 to 1.1.16. The error they see is: “The package you are trying to download or install is either corrupt or not compatible with this version of SMF.” One of the SMF developers posted a download that should update your forum correctly. First download the file here:;topic=463108.0;attach=193106 (to Read More…Related PostsSetting max upload size for your SMF Forum Nice anti-bot feature for SMF Forums How to change Forum Name in SMF

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How to add a link in WordPress

We found a nice WordPress plug-in that makes it easy to add a link to a remote website. Basically it can turn any Post or Page into a direct link to another website URL (web page address). The plug-in is called “Page Links To” and it allows you to point WordPress pages or posts to a URL of your choosing. Best way to install plug-ins is from within your dashboard as described here, or here is the direct link to the plug-in. As the developer Read More…Related PostsHow to Install WordPress within Fantastico in cPanel How to Rearrange categories in WordPress How to use WordPress

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How to Install Plugins in WordPress

It’s easy to install plug-ins which gives your WordPress additional features and functionality. Go on your dashboard and over on the left you’ll see plug-ins. Then click the “add new” tab near the top, then just type a search term like “stats” or “polling system” or whatever you’re looking for in the search box, and it will show you all the different plug-ins. You can install and activate them to test out which one you like best. OLI Customers Read More…

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