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How to Embed a Chat Room on a Website

OLI makes it easy to embed one of our private chat rooms onto your website. Using a widely-accepted iFrame code snippet, you simply place this on a blank page within your site, or resize it to fit a portion of a page. Here’s an example using our private chat demo: <iframe style=border-width:0px src= width=100% height=100%> You’d replace “” with your OLI chat domain. You can also customize Read More…

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How to embed a chat room on a website

Major updates for Chat Services

We are pleased to announce major improvements to our private chat software. The first big improvement is that all messages now remain in the main chat window so you do not have to click the “archive” button to view all the saved messages. Another tweak is that each message now loads one at a time, rather than refreshing the entire chat message screen. This prevents the blinking and jumping that some users experienced on certain browsers and makes Read More…

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Adding a subscription chatroom (fee-based memberships)

There are a couple ways to do the fee-based chatroom. Some people have a simple paypal button (you can create a free paypal account if you don’t already have one and associate it with your email address). We add the button for you. Then when a member pays you through paypal, you can approve their membership in the chatroom, or you can register them yourself and send them the login. We also have a new subscription add-on where people can first register Read More…

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Moderated Chat Software upgraded

OLI is pleased to announce our Moderated Chat Software is newly updated to make it even easier to host a moderated chat with a guest speaker. You can allow audience members to enter the chatroom — by first registering or we can set it to allow immediate access — and once inside the chatroom they can submit messages that only the moderator (you) can see. You then simply click a button that says “Post” to post the message to everyone in the chatroom. This Read More…

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Picture and link posting added to the chat software

OLI is pleased to announce all new chat software customers can select the free picture-posting add-on which allows chatroom members to upload a picture from their computer to the chat room. Members can also post pictures from their website or from other online sources. Also new is the ability to embed links to other website within the chatroom, allowing members to share online resources with each other. And finally, we’ve added more fun with the Read More…

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The many uses for OLI’s Chat Software

Online Institute was a pioneer in private chat software hosting way back in 1996. Since then we continued enhancing and streamlining our chatrooms to make them among the most user friendly and feature-packed chats out there. Here’s a sample of just some of the kinds of chat rooms we host: Educational Chat Software Community or fan-based Chat Groups Business-to-Client Support Chat Software Counselor’s Private Chat Day trading Chat Software Hobby Read More…

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