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Top Ten Things to Demand from a Great Web Host

By LEIA SOLANKI ….. Storing your website somewhere is like storing your prized vehicle in a public car park. You’ve got your brand new car and you need somewhere to store it. The car park has to be convenient, well run, safe, and with plenty of space, to name a few necessary qualities. With the abundant choices available to today’s web consumer, combined with a growing volume of security threats, choosing the right host is possibly one of the Read More…

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The Advantages of cPanel Hosting

By TIM ARRENDS ….. There are certain things you look for when choosing web hosting. The first, of course, is value. After all, web hosting is an unavoidable and fixed cost in running your Internet business. Certainly this is true if you want quality web hosting, the type of hosting you expect to justify the expenses involved. You naturally want the features that will give you the most for your money as well as to offer your customers more for their Read More…

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Tips for using WordPress as a Website

Wordpress continues to gain popularity as a website creation tool, even though it was originally designed for blogs. Part of this popularity rests in the amazing amount of template themes available, both from and third-party web designers. Other aspects that make is so popular are the search-engine friendly nature of WordPress and the seemingly endless plug-ins, from adding web-to-email forms to integrating with RSS feeds and Facebook, Read More…

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How to set Horde IMP Webmail to load Mail upon login

Most people use the Horde Webmail for email, while the other features are nice it’s more efficient to have the application load the Mail Inbox after logging in, instead of having to click yet another button. Here’s how to do that: After logging into Horde click “Options” then click “Global Options” then click “Display Options” beneath the Other Information header. There you can select “Mail” beneath “What application should Horde display after login?” Read More…

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Publishing with iWeb to OLI’s cPanel server

If you are using iWeb with OLI’s cPanel server, you will need to first publish your iWeb site to a folder or directory on your local computer, and then use an FTP client like Fetch or CyberDuck to upload the site to the cPanel server. Remember that all of the site files must be put into the public_html folder/directory which you can specify in Fetch in “initial directory” — you may need to click the little arrow on the righ tin Fetch to open up the Read More…

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New blog for everything Hosting related!

Online Institute is proud to announce the creation of our new blog, using the same WordPress blog hosting service we provide to clients. Here we will gather ideas and share solutions on various aspects of hosting, from chat and forum to email hosting, FTP hosting and website creation. We’re tapping our resident experts to share their knowledge with the world, and we welcome your comments or ideas as we grow this new interactive site. Please check Read More…

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