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6 Simple Tips to Improve SEO

by Aaron Hurlburt ….. When it comes to web pages, there’s always going to be a lot of competition. With millions of websites all vying for the same pool of prospective customers or site visitors, you need to do everything you can to make your page stand out from the crowd. The way to do that is through Search Engine Optimization. These are techniques you can use to move your pages to the top of the search Read More…

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Responsive Design Trends for 2015

By Ramya Raju ….. Responsive design is dynamic, meaning it changes in size according to the device viewing it. For websites today, responsive design is a must. Mobile devices will be how most websites will be viewed in the near future. You know how important it is to keep the attention of your regular website users; it becomes more significant in case of users on mobile devices. If your web design is not responsive then you can lose out on today’s Read More…

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5 Common Website Design Disasters

By DAN MILL ….. Website design used to be something that was only left to the professionals, but now, it’s more common than ever to see first-time web designers creating and designing their own websites. That’s because most web hosting companies have implemented easy-to-use tools that let even the most novice computer users amongst us to generate professional looking and functioning websites. Unfortunately, that does leave the door wide open for mistakes—even Read More…

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Everything You Want To Know About Responsive Web Design

By DAN MILL ….. What is responsive web design? If you have to ask that question, your website is in trouble. Responsive web design (RWD) is a web design practice meant to help you craft sites that offer the best possible viewing experience – on every device, platform, and browser, no matter what their size. The objective is to minimize the amount of zooming, pinching and scrolling; to present a consistent viewing experience on every Read More…

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Is Server Location still Important?

By RICHARD LARSON ….. Many people think that with the advent of cloud computing and the prevalence of mobile devices using cloud-hosted apps, that the physical location of computer servers is no longer particularly important. However the location of servers relates directly to the actual service and speed of cloud-hosted apps and websites and even factors in how often they are available. Here are a few factors to take under Read More…

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A Cool “Hidden” Feature in Google Analytics

How to see which links on your page are the most most clicked: Measuring engagement with websites is getting more and more sophisticated. Many services now show “heatmaps” which are graphical representations of where users click on a page. While paid sites like Crazy Egg and Feng-GUI as well as free alternatives like ClickHeat are great, many of us already have had Google Analytics installed for months or even years. So what kind of link click-through Read More…

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