Adding a subscription chatroom (fee-based memberships)

There are a couple ways to do the fee-based chatroom. Some people have a simple paypal button (you can create a free paypal account if you don’t already have one and associate it with your email address). We add the button for you. Then when a member pays you through paypal, you can approve their membership in the chatroom, or you can register them yourself and send them the login.

We also have a new subscription add-on where people can first register a username/password, but they are not granted access to the chatroom until they subscribe to the chatroom for a duration you specify, this also uses paypal.

What’s nice is you can experiment with what works best after the room is installed (settings can always be changed).

Other add-ons like secure chat and private messages are also available.

View more about our chat software as well as the current chat add-ons

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