How to Embed a Chat Room on a Website

How to embed a chat room on a website

OLI makes it easy to embed one of our private chat rooms onto your website.

Using a widely-accepted iFrame code snippet, you simply place this on a blank page within your site, or resize it to fit a portion of a page.

Here’s an example using our private chat demo:

<iframe style=border-width:0px src= width=100% height=100%>

You’d replace “” with your OLI chat domain.

You can also customize the chat box by changing the width and height to be specific, for example using width=700 and height=700 would create a 700 x 700 (in pixels) chat message box.

This allows you to keep visitors on your website, whether personal or professional, while outsourcing the actual chat server so that no tech or server work is required on your part (we take care of that).

This technique works with both our Professional Chat and our community-friendly Members Chat.

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