The many uses for OLI’s Chat Software

Online Institute was a pioneer in private chat software hosting way back in 1996. Since then we continued enhancing and streamlining our chatrooms to make them among the most user friendly and feature-packed chats out there.

Here’s a sample of just some of the kinds of chat rooms we host:

Educational Chat Software
Community or fan-based Chat Groups
Business-to-Client Support Chat Software
Counselor’s Private Chat
Day trading Chat Software
Hobby or Niche Interest Chatrooms
Private Business Chatrooms for colleagues
Secure Encrypted Chat Software
Family Chatrooms
Reunion Chatrooms
Live Chat Events for bridal showers, birthdays
Fantasy Football and Fantasy Baseball chat rooms
Moderated Chat rooms with a guest speaker
Intimate Chat rooms for a couple to meet in private

and many more! We build our chatrooms to be easy-to-use and can modify each room to fit your project or interest.

To see more of what’s possible with OLI’s Chat Software, click here:

Private Chat Software Service

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