Major updates for Chat Services

We are pleased to announce major improvements to our private chat software.

The first big improvement is that all messages now remain in the main chat window so you do not have to click the “archive” button to view all the saved messages.

Another tweak is that each message now loads one at a time, rather than refreshing the entire chat message screen. This prevents the blinking and jumping that some users experienced on certain browsers and makes for a much smoother chat experience.

And finally, for Moderator Chat, we have made it so that when a message pending approval is approved by the moderator and posted to all, it is removed from the messages awaiting approval area to not only prevent duplicates but help prevent the moderator from ever posting the same message twice.

We also have a new chat style for professional chat rooms. Our three chat categories are now:

Members Chat – private members based chat for business or pleasure

Professional Chat – an anywhere meeting place for colleagues and clients

Moderator Chat – host a guest speaker for a live online audience

Of course we are still customizing special chat rooms for groups who have certain functionality in mind that it’s not already in a package above. Current customers can have these changes made in their chat room by request. And as always you can contact us to see how we can make your ideal chat room a reality.

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