How to save new email on the server for a specified time

email-logo-md-1When using multiple devices to check email, like a phone and laptop, it’s common to each devices email software to leave new messages on the server-side inbox after downloading the email. This way, they can be retrieved by the various devices.

Important: You can also specify a time period (like a week or month) for how long to save the messages. This helps keep your server-side inbox from getting overloaded.

For Microsoft Outlook:
1. In Outlook, click on Tools, then select Email Accounts.
2. Choose View or change existing email accounts and click Next.
3. Select your OLI email account, and click Edit.
4. Go to More Settings and select the Advanced tab
5. Check box where it says “Leave messages on server
6. Also you can check box where it says “Remove messages from server after 10 days” (you can choose 10 days, 7 days etc.) to avoid going over storage quota.

For OSX Mavericks, Mac Mail:

1. In Mac Mail go to Mail >> Preferences

2. Go to the “Account Information” and click the “Advanced” tab.

3. Uncheck Remove copy from server after retrieving message, and you may want to only save them for a certain period (to avoid going over storage quota). Then close and save

For iPhone:

Go to Settings -> “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.” select your mail account then go to “Account Info” and scroll down and go to “Advanced” for “Deleted Messages” set to “Never”

For Android:

In Email -> Account Settings for “Delete Email from Server” select: Never

Note instructions change slightly as new software is released.




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