Email all Members in an SMF Forum

It’s easy to email all your Members in Simple Machines.

You can email your members by clicking Admin -> then go to “Main” -> “News and newsletters” -> then select “Newsletters.”

There you can select the membergroups you want to email, create your message and click “Send” to email all those members in that membergroup.

If your form has a large database of members, you may want to check with your host as to the best time to send out the newsletter so it does not interfere with the server, and also make sure your host allows it. (We at OLI allow it and recommend later afternoon or evening as the best time to send, as email traffic usually decreases then on our servers).

It is also recommended to perhaps do some maintenance on your membership before emailing everyone, especially if there are a lot of members who have not logged in for a very long time. You’ll find such options in the maintenance area of the Admin section. Be careful so as to not delete active members.

Other tips

– Keep the newsletter fun, tell a joke, share a personal story
– Keep it short and sweet, not long as the point is to create a teaser to get them back to your forum
– Use simple HTML for links to topics, more on common html tags are explained on our chat tricks page (uses the same code) here.

You can also use variables in the message, from the official SMF doc page:
{$board_url} – The URL to your forum.
{$current_time} – The current time.
{$} – The current member’s email.
{$} – The current member’s link.
{$} – The current member’s id.
{$} – The current member’s name. (for personalization.)
{$} – The most recently registered member’s link.
{$} – The most recently registered member’s id.
{$} – The most recently registered member’s name.

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