How to install Mods in SMF Forum Hosting

Mods, or modifications, are forum add-ons that can being more functionality of fun to your forum.

There are plenty of mods available at the the official SMF mod site here:

First download the Mod you want by right-clicking the .zip link on the mod’s page and choose “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…” Save the .zip file to your desktop.

The go to your Forum and click the Admin tab and click Packages on the left (under Main) then click the “Download Packages” tab near middle of screen

Scroll down and click “Browse” next to “Package to Upload” and find the downloaded .zip file of the Mod on your computer

Then click “Apply Mod” on the lower right of the page

Make sure the tests look good and if so click “Install Now”

Then look through your Admin area for the new links of tab to control the Mod, often around or within the Features and Options link, or check the support link where you downloaded the Mod for more details.

We advise making a backup of your forum before installing mods, and also not installing too many mods as some conflict with each other.

Enjoy the new functionality of your forum hosting!

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