Beyond Web-FTP

Web-FTP is great in its ease of access and use, but it is designed for more lightweight tasks. When you need to do some heavy-lifting (extremely large files or lots of files) then you’re much better off using regular FTP software, or your browsers built-in FTP access (if it has it).

Here’s a couple ideas for OLI’s FTP Hosting customers:

Some versions of Internet Explorer allow you to connect directly using ftp://username@hostname — for example
-then enter your password — some browsers allow dragging and dropping of files to transfer that way.
– note this is not an encrypted session, if you need that, see below.
– Firewalls, browser versions and other issues can determine if you can use technique, if not, see below

Regular FTP Software
CoreFTP is the one we like best for PC users (for Mac it’s Cyberduck),. You can drag and drop files from the server and visa-versa. Download CoreFTP here:

Here’s how to connect:
For “Host / IP / URL” use (for example):
then enter your username and password, everything else can be left as is unless you also need to encrypt the session, then check the SSH/SFTP box in your site profile.

Then click “Connect” and you can drag and drop files into the remote server window which appears on the right (your computer files are on the left side)

Another easy-to-use FTP software is FileZilla – easy to use like a browser but as powerful as ftp software gets, check it out Here

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