FTP Hosting and Dreamweaver

We like Dreamweaver a lot because it uses the time-tested and user-approved method of FTP to publish your files. Here’s how to setup your FTP info to publish using Dreamweaver. We’ll pretend our website that we’re publishing to is olicentral.com.

1. Choose Site > Manage Sites.
2. In the Manage Sites dialog box, either click the New button or select your existing site definition and click the Edit button.
3. From the Advanced tab, choose the Remote Info category on the left.

Use this info:
FTP Host: olicentral.com (replace with your domain)
Login: olicentral (replace with your login ID)
Password: (your password)
Leave everything else default,
** If you need the “Host directory”, use: /www/htdocs/olicentral.com (or contact your support tech for this directory, but generally this can be left blank).

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