Useful FTP Hosting features

We’ve been doing FTP Hosting for quite awhile now, but we wanted to let you know about some newer features that you may find useful:

FTP Upload notification: we setup a service where you are emailed whenever a client uploads new files into their private folder. This saves you time from having to check the folder or ask the client if they’ve uploaded any expected files yet.

FTP Upload Drop Box: we setup a web page where clients can simply upload files from their computer into a special folder where you can retrieve the files. The nice thing here is that no FTP login is required for your clients. This can also be attached to a contact form.

FTP Access logs: access a file on the server where you can view the FTP hosting log activity such as uploads and downloads, including the IP number and the date and time the activity occurred.

All these services are available for a low rate by request through our FTP Hosting service.

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