Web-FTP: a new look and better functionality

OLI is pleased to announce that we have made major improvements to the web-FTP system that is so popular among our users as an easy way to store and share files online.

Aside from the updated and more user-friendly design, the biggest improvement is that when you download multiple files, it now bundles them into an easy-to-open “Zip” file (instead of a Tar file that was used in the older classic version).

The most important changes to note are:

– Multiple files download now as a Zip.

– Files that start with a dot are now hidden as those are mostly used by the server. Therefore do not upload files that start with a period (or dot). Example: .file-name. If you want to use files that start with a dot, use the Classic Web-FTP.

The new interface also makes it more clear that you can simply click on a file to download it, or select the box next to it and click the download button.

We also made the three most used function (upload, download and delete) into nice big buttons to make Web-FTP easier to use for new clients and beginners.

For people who liked the old version, we have left the classic version linked from the main login page accessible for the near future. But we recommend everyone use the new Web-FTP as it has all the same functions as the old one but with a much better interface, and better downloading files using the more common Zip archive format.

From all of us at OLI, happy downloading!

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