The Advantages of cPanel Hosting


There are certain things you look for when choosing web hosting. The first, of course, is value. After all, web hosting is an unavoidable and fixed cost in running your Internet business.

Certainly this is true if you want quality web hosting, the type of hosting you expect to justify the expenses involved. You naturally want the features that will give you the most for your money as well as to offer your customers more for their money.
cPanel can do this for you. It gives you one interface with a wide variety of invaluable features that allow you to access your mail, manage files, view weblogs, set password security, manage your domains and more.

You also look for ease of use. You don’t want to have to take classes simply to manage your blog or website. You want a host that will give you control over every aspect of these things in an easy-to-use fashion. With its friendly graphical user interface and well-organized sections, cPanel does all this in a format that is relatively easy to understand.

In addition to desiring control over your website, you need to be able to give customers the benefits they expect as well if you wish them to get on board with your business. cPanel offers you unlimited options In meeting your customers needs. After all, you want to make sure that your website can cater to all of the various operating systems available such as Mac, PC, Android and iOS, and that’s what cPanel lets you do.

Another benefit is automation; without it, your job is that much more difficult. The whole point of the Internet is that it gives people an easier way to shop, learn and access useful services. You want a host that offers you solutions or even lets you create your own. cPanel gives you access to a large number of tools to help your online business succeed.

cPanel offers clearly marked sections and friendly icons that will be readily familiar to Mac and Windows users. It is divided into such categories as Preferences, Mail, Files, Logs, Security, Domains, Databases, Software/Services, and Advanced Tools. Your particular hosting provider may offer its own tools and apps as well.

Within these sections, you can access such tools as video tutorials, e-mail accounts, auto responders, file managers, reports on your disk space usage, FTP controls, logs regarding your latest visitors and your bandwidth usage, security tools allowing you to password protect directories, information tools relating to your domains, databases such as MySQL and phpMyAdmin, and various tools to optimize your website.

If you intend to create a WordPress blog, you’ll find that Fantastico Deluxe is a practically essential tool for setting it up.

You likely also want to keep abreast as to how your account and server are working and if there are any problems with your account. cPanel can send emails and messages to your iPhone or Android device in the event of issues concerning your services, account or server. This is useful because you will not always have time to log into your hosting account to check such details.

In short, you want to always be sure that things are running smoothly, and cPanel can assist you with all of this and more.

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