Tips for using WordPress as a Website

WordPress continues to gain popularity as a website creation tool, even though it was originally designed for blogs. Part of this popularity rests in the amazing amount of template themes available, both from and third-party web designers.

Other aspects that make is so popular are the search-engine friendly nature of WordPress and the seemingly endless plug-ins, from adding web-to-email forms to integrating with RSS feeds and Facebook, there’s a whole community of people keeping WordPress on the cutting edge.

A few tips if using WordPress as a website are:
1. Instead of adding “posts” you will be adding “pages.”
2. You can unclick the box that allows comments on the page.
3. You can remove the recent posts and archives from the sidebar, this is usually in the Appearance -> widgets section.
4. Keep the search function if you’d like your website to benefit from that feature.
5. Experiment with the themes until you find one that matches the look you’re after.

Have fun!

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