How to Search for IP Addresses within Piwik’s logs

Piwik is an up-and-coming website traffic stats application that rivals Google Analytics in many ways. One advantage of Piwik is that it displays the user’s IP address which helps track demographics and more.

However there is not currently an easy way to filter the stats by IP address. After some trial and error, we discovered a way to list activity for an IP address within the date range of one year.

To filter by IP manually within the URL, add this to the URL:
(replace the IP with the one your tracking)

Or to search for all activity within 1 years time, simply add this to the end of your Piwik URL:

You can change “date” to 2013 or 2015 etc. And check that the “idSite” number is correct for your site. But this is a nice workaround to filter activity from a specific IP number.

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