A Cool “Hidden” Feature in Google Analytics

googleafeaturesHow to see which links on your page are the most most clicked:

Measuring engagement with websites is getting more and more sophisticated. Many services now show “heatmaps” which are graphical representations of where users click on a page.

While paid sites like Crazy Egg and Feng-GUI as well as free alternatives like ClickHeat are great, many of us already have had Google Analytics installed for months or even years.

So what kind of link click-through data does Google Analytics already provide?

There’s actually a somewhat hidden feature called “In Page Analytics” that shows which links are getting clicked on each page of your website.

To access this feature log into your Google analytics dashboard and over on the left click content and then you’re the bottom of that sub-menu you’ll see “In Page Analytics.”

There you’ll see your site with little dialogue bubbles showing the percentage a link was clicked (it currently seems to not distinguish between two identical links on the same page).

There are also in the various filters you can apply to customize the report. Full details about this service are here.

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