How to use WordPress

WordPress… Such a basic and functional name for one sophisticated and multi-functional piece of software. And free at that!

It’s ease-of-use and vast array of plug-ins and themes have made it not only a top choice for blogs, but also websites.

When it comes to how to use WordPress, the sky is the limit. Some of it’s uses:

Gallery Websites – here’s just a few themes that support that
E-commerce Sites – Plug-in are the way to go for e-commerce
Business Cards – some cool themes for professionals
Resumes – post your resume using WordPress
Websites – transform WordPress into a brilliant Website
and of course Blogs!

When you are ready to login and start using word press, the Admin area is usually in this format:

Just change to your domain name.

You can change the header and look in the “Appearance” section.

Here’s how you can change the Theme…

Change your blog name or title by clicking “Settings” on the lower left of the Admin page. You can change your password or admin screen name in the Profile section (see link in upper right of admin area).

Add new posts and edit previous posts by going to “Posts” on the upper left of the Admin page.

For more instructions:
Click the “Help” link at the top of the Admin page for complete user instructions.

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