6 Tweaks to Boost Your Business Site

From the team at Ecwid.com


WordPress now powers more than 70 millions sites. With the number of plugins growing daily, there are always more ways that you can leverage the capability of WordPress to your advantage.

Realizing the full potential of the content management system (CMS) and sorting through the myriad of plugins could take years, but fortunately there are some key features that you can take advantage of to boost your website’s exposure, security, and increase revenue for your business. Here are 5 WordPress tweaks that will save your business time and money.

1. Keep Your WordPress Site Safe and Secure


There are a lot of WordPress plugins that you can use to keep your site protected from hackers, crashes, and other security threats that pose risks to your business. Save yourself the time and cost of these threats by taking these steps. (Keep in mind, nothing is 100% bulletproof, but these will help tremendously.)

2. Update WordPress, plugins and themes

It may sound fairly fundamental, but many people forget to take the time to install the updates that WordPress offers. Take the time. Bug fixes, patches and other improvements can save you plenty of headaches down the road.


  • Install WP Security Scan and Secure WordPress These two excellent and free plugins from WebsiteDefender are great ways to reduce the likelihood of your site getting hacked.
  • Combat Spam with Akismet – This helpful plugin is one of the best options for protecting your site from spam.
3. Maximize Your Reach with Social Media
You may already have your social media profiles set up for your business (if you don’t, better get going), but there are lots of ways that you can maximize your social media engagement. Save yourself time, energy and money by enabling your customers to share your products for you, using WordPress plugins.
  • Add an all-in-one share plugin like Digg Digg. This free plugin adds a floating box on your website that enables your visitors to quickly and easily share the page they are on. It supports all popular social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest, and can be customized to include only the ones relevant to your business.
  • Encourage sharing with Social Locker – This plugin locks your content until visitors ‘like’ or tweet about your site. While perhaps not the friendliest plugin, this app does help spread the word.
4. Generate Revenue with your WordPress site


As a business, you’ve likely launched your WordPress site to attract more customers to your product and service. And while the site itself can serve as an excellent calling card and destination for inquiries, there are also plenty of ways for your business to utilize the CMS to generate revenue directly.

  • Add e-Commerce capability with EcwidEcwid enables you to quickly and easily add a customizable and free online store to your WP site. The plugin comes loaded with tons of useful features to help you sell your products and also blends seamlessly with your current design.
5. Optimize your site for Search Engines


By now you probably know how vital SEO can be for improving the visibility and reach of your business. Capitalize on this potential by using some plugins for WordPress.

  • Improve your visibility with WordPress SEO by YoastOf the many useful SEO plugins, this is probably the most useful and popular for empowering your business with complete control over your SEO capability.
  • Automatically optimize your site with All in One SEO PackThis plugin is an easy and intuitive way to improve your site’s SEO.
6. Backup your WordPress Site to Protect from Data Loss


Accidents will happen, and whether it’s a site crash, unintentional deletion or hacking, it’s vital that you keep your website backed up. Save countless hours of rebuilding and money spent recreating what you lost with these helpful plugins.

  • Make sure your host backs up everything daily. A quality host like Online Institute will backup all of your files and databases every day. Check to make sure your host does this.
  • Backup your site for free with BackWPup Free ­­- While not as comprehensive as Backup Buddy, this plugin is thorough and can be upgraded to the Pro version for enhanced capabilities.

 There are tons of plugins and tweaks that you can do to improve your website to save your business money and time. These are just a handful of critical ones that will provide you with more security, customers, and revenue, not to mention peace of mind.

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