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Now Accepting Guest Blog Posts

The OLI Hosting blog is undergoing an exciting transformation, expanding our authorship to established and up-and-coming bloggers world-wide. We are looking for fresh perspectives and original content on everything technology-related, especially regarding WordPress, Forum and Chat, Website hosting and server-related industries. All content must be absolutely original and written in conversational English. We reserve the right to edit articles, usually Read More…

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How to Start a Community

7+ Ways to Grow a Strong Online Community

We’ll be adding more tips as we get them, bookmark/favorite this page for updates… Successful online communities share common traits, mainly all focused on engaging their members regularly. Here are seven great ways to help grow traffic and maintain active members in your community:   1. Get Some Moderators It’s great to start with a few people you already know and give them the privilege of being a moderator (also known as an online Read More…

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What is an Online Community? (and how to start one)

Did you know Facebook pages are more of an “audience” then a “community”? Think of a Facebook page for a brand or group. People mostly tend to add random bits of cleverness to the page, like you’d see on the wall of a hip pizza joint. Maybe that’s why Facebook first called it a “wall.” But people don’t truly engage with each other in a meaningful way like they do in a community. They mainly engage with the Facebook page admin. In recent years, many Read More…

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