How to display related posts on your WordPress blog

A great way to add more functionality to your blog and enhance the user experience (which can lead to increased page views per visitor) is to add a plug-in that displays related posts beneath each regular blog post.

When we search for plug-ins, there were many available but the one we chose was “ELI’s Related Posts Footer Links and Widget.”

It was simple to setup, and gave us the choice to add the related posts as a widget or just have them automatically embedded, and within a few minutes now every post on this blog has three related posts included at the end of each post.

We don’t really use tags too much on this blog so we decided to have our related posts based on categories.

To install the plug-in, go to the plug-ins area and click the “add new” tab. In the search box, type “ELI’s Related Posts Settings” and you should see it come up or type “related posts” to see other similar plug-ins.

These are just another reason we love WordPress and the efforts of all those who contribute to it. Happy blogging!

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