Publishing with iWeb to OLI’s cPanel server

If you are using iWeb with OLI’s cPanel server, you will need to first publish your iWeb site to a folder or directory on your local computer, and then use an FTP client like Fetch or CyberDuck to upload the site to the cPanel server.

Remember that all of the site files must be put into the public_html folder/directory which you can specify in Fetch in “initial directory” — you may need to click the little arrow on the righ tin Fetch to open up the “initial directory” option.

The FTP username and password are the same as your cPanel login.

If you don’t have FTP software, you can get Cyberduck here:

Install and go to “Open Connection”

First click the dropdown and make sure “FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is selected.
Then use:
Server: your-domain
Uesrname: your-cpanel-username
Password: your-cpanel-password

Then for More Options (you may need to click to little arrow to open the options) use:
Path: public_html

When don’t if still not loading you may need to ask support to enable a redirect on the website to open the iWeb URL, once that’s done you can make changes as needed whenever you wish using this technique.

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