WordPress Customization

Online Institute consultants are experts in customizing WordPress and can help transform your blog and many ways.

New: We’ve created a professional hosting plan so your WordPress installation is preconfigured for business use out-of-the-box. Check out our new WordPress for Business Plan.

For even more customization, our primary services we employ are:

  1. We can redesign the background, add banners or other graphical and design customizations.
  2. Add Google Analytics to your WordPress blog
  3. Prevent spam comments without confusing Captcha-type codes
  4. Integrate your blog with Facebook and Twitter and other social sharing sites.
  5. Universally disable comments, or remove the date from posts
  6. Transform WordPress from a blog into a customized website.
  7. Add related posts to the end of each of your blog posts.
  8. Edit the header and footer, or the sidebars.

We can also help you find a template you like, and then customize it to match your desired look and feel.

Having worked with Word press four years now, we are familiar with which plug-ins work the best and which ones to avoid, as well as where to find the best free templates.

There are many other things we can do to customize WordPress, depending on what your needs are. To get a free quote, please use our contact form.

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